About Us

The business and our philosophies

Tiggys Place was born from humble origin, built out of a love and respect for animals and a desire to promote animal well being.

The ideas behind our business are few and simple: unrivalled levels of customer service, keen product pricing, a wide range of goods stocked, the promotion of information, social responsibility and community value. Our values are what makes us different.


Unrivalled Customer Service

We are more than just a retailer, we hope to ensure that everyone has an enjoyable shopping experience through our genuine determination to provide an efficient, helpful, knowledgeable but most of all personal service. We treat every one of our customers as a friend, meeting and getting to know everyone’s pets is one of our favourite things.

We recognise pet owners have a busy lifestyle, so we aim to make purchasing simple and available at all times of the day via email, phone, at local events, online and instore. We, additionally, offer a delivery service with local delivery being free for orders over £20.


Value & Choice:

Pet food costs have risen over the past few years with organic super-premium brands increasing dramatically despite more people buying them. Many suppliers are unfortunately profiting greatly from people wanting to do right by their pets.

We’re not a national chain exploiting the market. Tiggys Place is where quality and value come together. As a family-owned, private company, with no need to appease outside investors, we have the advantage of being able to offer a comprehensive range of quality products, including a good mix of brands and variants, at the right price by following a ‘Best Value’ principle. This means we aim to take the profitability out of the industry in favour of the consumer through keen product pricing.  

We genuinely care. We want to make the most nutritious food more affordable and we want to sell ethical products that have the animals in mind. We like that we are providing products that go some way to help nurture your pets. If you’re not interested in the foods we sell hopefully we can supply you with some great value treats and accessories instead. We offer ‘tried and tested’ goods based on years of first hand experience from suppliers we trust. We hope we have found the right balance of quality products and reasonable pricing.


Education over Profits - We advocate everyone’s right to make an informed choice

More and more people regard their pets as family members , subsequently more and more owners are looking to feed food that is comparable in quality to what they are eating themselves. We have the ability to enhance a pet's well being simply by becoming aware of what we are putting in their bowl/s.

We have never met a pet owner who buys food they know is bad for their pet but we have met many pet owners who buy under a misapprehension that the product is good for their pet because of clever product marketing. A recent survey showed that only 19% of pet owners read the ingredients, instead they purchase based on the marketing statements made on the front of the packet. 

Tiggy’s Place believes in sharing knowledge and empowering people to seek out information as everyone has the right to make an informed choice when deciding what pet food to purchase. It is for this reason we have invested so much time into our website and educational materials.  Being independently owned we have the freedom to express our opinions on the nutritional value of a product as we are not ‘sponsored’ by anyone, no-one pays their way onto our shelves. We have no desire in tricking people through clever marketing,  we try to make all information as transparent as possible. We are not going to tell you what pet food to buy but we do want to be able to provide you as much information as possible regarding the ingredients and nutritional value of the foods you may buy for your pets.


Pets over Profits - We aim to promote ‘family’ values

If you are already feeding a decent food or homemade food and it works for your pet we’re not going to encourage you to switch to a brand we sell in order to gain profit, ultimately we’re most interested in your pet’s health and well-being. If what you’re doing works and is healthy stick with it. What you’re currently doing may work but may not be healthy, so we encourage you to read some of the nutrition information to determine if it is healthy. If it isn’t, even if your pet likes the feed, we do encourage you to switch to a healthier alternative, for your pet's long term health.

We’ll never compromise our principles for profit but why?

Pets are an increasing part of the family, they add an extra dimension to our lives and we are mindful of the special place pets have in their owners hearts and the mutual bond that exists between people and their animals. Today people consider themselves ‘pet parents’, I know we do, our pets are most certainly our ‘babies’. They are waiting to greet us when we come home, they are there to comfort us when needed, they take part in family holidays and events, they are loyal and loving and in return we should do our best to ensure they are cared for to the best standard possible for their whole lives.

Our view of pets as family is so strong that we refuse to sell the following goods: we don’t sell choke chains or electric/spray collars, we only sell non-bleached rawhide, you won’t find leather accessories such as collars or beds as part of our stock, we would never consider selling live food and we do not sell livestock (we encourage you to rescue from a local animal shelter instead), we do not sell rabbit hutches/cages as we do not believe they are fit for purpose, when we expand to supply farm feed, we will do so only to farms where the animals are kept as pets and not raised for meat and finally, we would never sell a product that we wouldn’t give to our own pets.


Positive Change over Profits - We aim to promote compassionate living

Positive practise over profit is and always will be a key focus for us as we are first and foremost advocates of animal well-being. There’s so much more to business than just the bottom line. Making a difference is what we are really passionate about and therefore promoting compassionate living is part of our business plan, it is a mindset that runs deep into the company ethos. 

Tiggys Place has a social responsibility strategy which aims to help in a number of different ways:

Raising Awareness - we like to advocate on behalf of animal welfare issues and to help local and national charities advertise fundraising events and other appeals. Tiggy’s Place gives us a great platform from which to do this.


Our Policies

Environmental Policy:

Concern for the environment is on the rise and rightly so. It is important for us to run our business in a way that reflects that concern. We stock Beco toys which have been made out of recycled goods such as bamboo chopsticks and we try and stock products that have recyclable packaging as best possible.

We personally only use recycled or salvaged boxes and degradable bags. All our marketing is printed on recycled or salvaged paper and we ‘group’ local deliveries so that our carbon footprint is smaller and has less impact on the environment.


Social Resposibility Policy:

We are keen champions of ‘community’. We are not a large corporation who exists in every town and doesn’t care about the town they are based in. We recognise the importance of the health of the local economy and are genuinely interested in the community and the people and pets in it.

I am locally raised and have a vested interest in supporting local events and local charities and in promoting local independent businesses through our Local Pet Services page to keep the community thriving. 


Communication & Privacy Policy:

We value your opinion and love to receive feedback. We’ll listen and try and do the best we can to accommodate your needs and give you the best customer service possible.

We’ll always try to keep you in the loop when we’re introducing new lines, offering special prices or simply updating you on what’s happening with the charities we support. We offer this information via our website, social media and you can also subscribe to our monthly newsletter if you wish, this is of course completely voluntary.

We respect your privacy and rest assured we will never sell or share any of your personal information. We will protect your details and we endeavour to keep them safe in accordance with the Data Protection Act. We think of you as a friend, and selling on the information of friends is not a practice we approve of.



£3.99 (Small items only, up to 1kg)

£4.99 (1 - 2kg, excludes 5+ cans of food and all beds)

£6.99 (up to 5kg, excludes large bags of food, 10+ cans and all beds/crate mats over 25”)

£7.99 (up to 10kg, includes beds/crate mats over 25” including all deep duvets)

Local Delivery:

Orders over £20 = FREE DELIVERY!

Local area = Fareham & Surrounds including North Portsmouth (PO2, PO6, PO13, PO14, PO15, PO16, PO17).


Please place your order at least the day before and we will do our best but our standard terms for delivery is 3 days.


Delivery days are as below:

Fareham/Titchfield – Daily (Tues-Sat)

Portchester/Paulsgrove – Daily (Tues-Sat)

Port Solent – Daily (Tues-Sat)


North Gosport – Tuesday/Friday

Stubbington / Hill Head – Tuesday/Friday

Whiteley / Park Gate / Locksheath – Tuesday/Friday


Hilsea/Stamshaw/North End/Buckland – Wednesday/Saturday

Drayton / Wymering / Cosham – Wednesday/Saturday


Wickham - Thursday


Collection Information:

You can also collect locally from PO15 6LH or from the local shows we attend for FREE.

Minimum order value for collection = £0 if paying by cash

Minimum order value for collection = £10 if paying by card


Why Don't We Stock Royal Canin and James Wellbeloved?

We could and to be honest they would make us a lot of money because they are overwhelmingly popular. Although they are promoted as 'premium brands' they still contain meat meal over fresh meat or dried meat. They contain corn, unspecified animal fats, wheats, soya and sugar beet pulp which go against our nutritional values. James Wellbeloved has rice as the main ingredient on some of their foods rather than having a protein source as the main ingredient. 

Both these brands are owned by Crown Pet Food who are a subsidiary company of Mars who also own Pedigree, Iams, Nutro, Chappie, Eukanuba and Cesar. Purina, Winalot and Bakers are owned by Nestle. Royal Canin and James Wellbeloved claim to have the welfare of the animals in mind but they're owned by Crown who also own brands who have no issue with feeding pets derivatives and sugars, they are just casting their net wide, appealing to all markets to increase their profits. They provide cheap brands and premium brands all to make as much money as possible. If they truly cared about the animals they would only make 'healthy' foods. The same applies to their human foods, Mars and Nestle are not concerned with filling their own species with heart disease and cancer causing sugars and fats so it's hard to believe a company such as Crown who is owned by Mars is truly concerned with 'well-being'. It's like a healthy brand such as Innocent Foods being owned by McDonalds.

Royal Canin also sponsor Vet training which is why this brand is present in so many vet practises. Again, this is like the McDonalds paying for nurse and doctor training in return for the hospital serving Big Macs, McNuggets, Fries and McFlurries in their cafe. I'm not saying Royal Canin is comparable to McDonalds but we personally woudn't feed it to our pets based on it's ingredients so we don't sell it to others.

Our Background

About Us

Hi, we’re Julie and Dave, we’re avid animal lovers and have always had a passion for all animals since we were very young.

I (Julie), became a vegetarian by my own choice aged 5 and both Dave and I became vegan in 2016. I had rabbits and hamsters as a small child but was so ecstatic when my family got their first cat, a sweet little ginger tom called Tiggy. My Dad rescued him, his brother and his mother from a squalid flat when he was just weeks old, he took them to the local RSPCA (Stubbington Ark) and told my family the story and well, we just had to have him (I would have also had his mother and brother but aged 5 I didn’t really have much say in the matter!). We luckily had our Tiggy for 21 wonderful years!

Dave, coincidentally, also had a childhood ginger cat and her name was, you guessed it . . . . Tiggy. She too was a rescue cat who lived with Dave and his family for many happy years. As these fabulous felines were such a special part of our lives from childhood into adulthood we decided to name our business in their honour.

Also in loving memory of Blackie, Pickle, Naughty, Socks, Vinny, Puss and Tums.

Julie's Tiggy Dave's Tiggy

Today, we now have 5 lovely cats - Sweetpea (12), Socks (11), Luna (10) and Peachy-Pie (10) and 1 who lives with my parents as she’s a naughty Tortie who does not like other cats - Cara (9). We also love dogs, rabbits, chickens, pigs, well almost everything, you name it . . .  we love it (except spiders, sorry!).


Our Experience

Working in the pet industry is my passion and I have worked in the field for many years. I managed a large independent retail store which was not my own so  unfortunately I had no control over what was stocked. To be honest it stocked whatever brands were popular and whatever brands would offer the best deals or promotions, what was beneficial to pet was never considered, it was all about profit.

Dave is an Information specialist with good website development knowledge.


Our Interest in Healthy Eating

In 2013 my beloved tabby cat Naughty was diagnosed with diabetes, luckily in this era it’s not untreatable but it does mean that, just like humans, caution needs to be taken with what he eats. I would do anything to get a few more years with Naughty so I took to seeking nutritional (and of course medical) advice.

The vet prescribed him a Diabetic Food which cost a fortune and led to him putting on a large amount of weight which was not ideal for his condition. When I looked at the ingredients I was concerned. Med-High GI foods raise your blood glucose levels and reduce your ability to control diabetes but this product contained ‘Tapioca’ which is a fast carbohydrate high in starch. Glutens should be avoided as part of a diabetic diet but this product contained ‘wheat gluten’’ and ‘corn gluten’.  I discovered certain brands ‘pay’ their way to be a Veterinary recommended product. A few years ago it was Royal Canin, then it was Hills and now it’s Royal Canin again.

I went to other places for information but it all seemed to be contradictory. One brand were promoting a kibble over natural meat because that’s what they sell. A large national chain advised me to buy their own brand, even though upon closer inspection of the ingredients the product were also not at all ideal for a diabetic cat and they actually had other products on their shelves which would have been much more suitable - but they were being paid to promote their own.

I was annoyed at the realisation that companies were more driven by profits through selling their own brands rather than actually caring for the health and well-being of the animal and I was left frustrated and confused about where to seek unbiased advice.

The promotion of brands that make the largest profit margin rather than having a true concern over what was right for the animal just didn’t feel right to me, and as I thought more about what I was putting into my cats bodies, wheats, starches, carbohydrates, etc, that also didn’t feel right, it didn’t feel true to nature.

Dave and I are both vegans as we believe in evolutionary appropriate diets, diets that are ‘natural’ to individual species and we have an interest in superfoods and how they can improve the overall health of all species and I couldn’t believe that before this point I hadn’t thought about my pets in the same way so I started researching more into pet nutrition and the B.A.R.F and Prey Model which promotes feeding a diet true to the biological needs of the animals. I have since completed a number of nutritional courses. I am not qualified at present, I am just interested in the topic and love to read various articles and books about it and pass on the information.


‘Tiggys Place’

Dave and I respect those who kindly take an animal into their lives and we believe extortionate profit shouldn’t be made from this. We believe transparent, unbiased information should be made available to all pet owners regarding the products they are buying and we believe in promoting a diet based on the ‘true’ biological requirements of the species. More information of nutrition and the prey model can be found on our nutrition page.

As a result Dave and I, decided to combine our experience to create Tiggys Place.