Catnip Feather Mouse (refillable)

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KONG Feather Mouse Catnip Toy is an enticing toy that uses natural feathers and premium catnip to create an enthralling play experience for cats.
This toy is in the shape of a small mouse with an assortment of feathers protruding as though they were its tail. The toy also features hidden flaps that reveal an inner compartment that is designed to hold premium quality catnip that will further excite your cat.

The KONG Feather Mouse Catnip Toy is made with unique material that gives it an odd texture that will further entice your cat. This product is built for durability to ensure that it is safe for your cat and that it will last him a long time. Your cat will love this toy, so order now!

Key Features:
Unique, intriguing texture
Feathery tail delights cats
Contains pocket inside toy to fill with catnip

Kong - Company Description:

Kong was created in the 70’s when the founder, Joe Markham, couldn’t find anything to fulfil the chewing requirements of his retired police dog Fritz until one day when he threw him a car rubber suspension part - which bounced and Fritz was immediately taken by it! After six years of development the Kong was created!


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