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Parasitic worms are a pest to pets and can cause diarrhoea, coughing/severe lung disease, weight loss, poor condition, anaemia, bloating/wind and inflammatory bowel disease.

They can also cause serious disease in humans including blindness, intestinal disturbance, seizures and skin rashes.

Many pets can be infested with worms and not show any signs, especially in the early stages, and many worms are not visible to the naked eye which is why screening is very important as it allows you to avoid unnescessary toxic chemicals. Most worm treatments contain chemicals which can have adverse effects on the kidneys, bowels, gut flora, the nerves and the immune system.

Screening is an important tool because if no worms are present there is no need to give a worm treatment.

The only way to be sure your pet is worm free is to screen regularly, every 3-4 months.

The screening kit will test for:

Toxocara canis (Ascarid)
Toxascaris leonina (Ascarid)
Uncinaria stenocephala (Hookworm)
Ancylostoma caninum (Hookworm)
Trichuris vulpis (Whipworm)
Spirocerca lupi (Oesophageal worm)
Dipylidium caninum (Tapeworm)
Taenia pisiformis (Tapeworm)
Echinococcus granulosus (Tapeworm)
Echinococcus multiocularis (Tapeworm)
Mesocestoides (Tapeworm)
Cystoisospora (Coccidia)


Undigested Lipids (Fat)
Undigested, non-specific food particles

The kit includes:

full instructions
stool sample pot
postage paid mailing box to the laboratory
gold standard analysis for INTESTINAL WORMS and UNDIGESTED FOOD
the emailing of results
FREE general advice on promoting intestinal and immune system health
CODE inside for DISCOUNTED EXPERT VETERINARY ADVICE if any of the tests are positive

Vince The Vet - Company Description:

These wonderful foods have been formulated by Vince, a holistic vet with over 34 years experience. Vince the Vet® Raw uses only the highest quality, human food grade UK meat, bone and offal to promote the very best of health. These are processed in a Defra approved plant, in accordance with strict hygiene regulations including regular microbiological screening for the presence of harmful bacteria.

Vince the Vet uses 4 single protein recipes to aid the management of pets with dietary sensitivities and intolerances to other proteins.

Vince the Vet wants your pets to live happy lives at optimum health levels and offers an advice line/email support for those who would like a raw food feeding plan which ensures that a highly nutritious and completely healthy, balanced raw food diet is fed, which suits your dog or cat perfectly and promotes the VERY BEST of HEALTH. 0800 6893859. Further services including dietary review, medical history reviews and special diet formulation for pets with cancer are also available.


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